Sunday, May 6, 2012

Two Week Wait = HOPE!

It's that time of the month again... the Two Week Wait!  We've done everything we possibly can do to conceive and now we just wait.  It's an interesting time for me... on the one hand I'm relieved the "trying" is over and I still have two more weeks of pure freedom (like I've said before, "trying" turns into a job!), yet I dread the moment when I realize my period has come and we've been, YET AGAIN, UNSUCCESSFUL!  It always makes me very emotional and I yearn for a good cry with Shrink.

I'm tired of getting jealous when I see a woman and her adorable little pregnant baby bump at the grocery store, or when friends post pictures of their precious kids online, or when the next coworker or friend announces they're pregnant, or when you realize you're the only person at the Mother's Day Picnic that isn't actually a mother (other than mothering my doggie, but they don't understand that!), or when you find out someone is pregnant by accident (wtf, they didn't even try!), or when...ok, ok I'll stop!

So, in these moments I'll continue to hold onto HOPE and think positively (or at least try!)  I say a little prayer each night and hope this will be the month!  Yes, God... I do appreciate life more now than you could ever imagine.  Must I continue this journey of emotional lability?  Please, just please let my husband and I bring a baby into this world!

Now, I feel  like I'm begging and a little desperate...  ;)  So here it goes... THE TWO WEEK WAIT!  

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