Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Surge...

I should be studying for a certification exam I'll be taking soon, but instead I'm out there in the twitter and blogger world trying to find inspiration and make myself feel better about my infertility.  It's a safe world right now because I can remain anonymous, yet still find support from others... people who are going through similar circumstances.  In my anonymous world I find others who share words of hope, encouragement, and advice.  This, in turn, helps to give me a sense of inner peace knowing I'm not the only one fighting this battle of infertility.  I am Not Alone! (I credit this saying to!)

Back to THE SURGE... so I pee on a stick every morning!   It's a digital ovulation detector kit that starts on day 5 of your cycle and you pee on it every day until you have your LH (lutenizing hormone) surge and it reads "YES"!  I got my "YES" this morning and what did I say aloud?  "YES!!!!"  Last month it was positive on day 10 and this month it's day 18.  There's obviously nothing regular about this girl's cycle ;)

This means my husband and I need to get busy!  It's too bad he's out of town today and I won't be home from work until around midnight.  Tomorrow morning then... Yes, sex does become a job and it's nearly impossible for me to keep it spontaneous... more on that in another blog post.  In the meantime, send the positive fertility energy our way because we need to conceive!


  1. Baby dust your way. I'm wishing for baby news soon. Best of luck! ;-)