Thursday, May 10, 2012

A New Day

I went to a Women's Goal Setting Workshop last evening hosted by a good friend and someone who has helped me tremendously through this Journey as my Life Coach (not quite sure how I would have survived this without her!) and woke up this morning feeling re-energized.  I set four goals for myself over the next year....

The workshop started with, "If you woke up on Christmas morning and could have absolutely anything in the world, what would you want?"  Of course my answer is, I WISH FOR A CHILD... TO BE PREGNANT!  I knew, however, that could not be one of my goals as I am now coming to terms with the fact I have little control over that and must re-focus my goals to help deal with the loss of control I have over the situation.  So, instead I wrote:

1) To Pay off my Student Loan Debt by the end of 2012 - this is a goal I know I can do and will allow more financial freedom and flexibility in spending!  Can we say, trip to the Caribbean Islands with the extra $ when it's all said and done?... yes, please!

2) Balance - Mental and Physical (i.e. less stress)  I'm prone to stress, I have a stressful job as a critical care nurse, and I'm anxious about the future.  I have a tendency to expect the worst and hope for the best.  I grew up looking at the world through the lens of a "glass half empty" mentality.  Well, guess what... that's gonna change!  This is what my life coach has been helping me do... along with some literature I'm reading daily that a dear friend sent me (she's also the one who made me start liking yoga)  Oh... I really do have amazing friends and family.  My sister knew I was having a bad day... feeling extremely discouraged and defeated... so she brought over a bag of bath salts, bubble bath, and an ovulation detector kit... her note read, "Relax, it WILL happen"  Another friend told me she has a sticky note on her dresser mirror with my name on it in which she continues to keep me in her prayers...  Just thinking about these acts of kindness and love is making me tear up!  I'm encouraged by them and will certainly return the favor!  Lots more on this in future posts...

3) Exercise Regularly - Just need to take my lazy butt to the gym more often.  I did so well when I was training for a race... now I've just been a slacker.  I need to do more yoga to achieve the goal of mental and physical balance.  Spiritual balance too!

4) Help others who are struggling - I do this at my workplace (I'm a nurse!) but I'd love to expand it to what I am now passionate about... women's infertility!  I'm currently working on helping myself, but I realize I'm passionate about helping others as well and maybe, just maybe by sharing my journey... others can relate to these experiences and realize they are NOT ALONE!  Their feelings are real and validated.  It is okay for them to have bad days... actually, I think it's quite healthy to have those days when you're sad or mad... it means you're processing your emotions and staying true to them!  What I don't want, however, is for us to fall into the VICTIM category!  We must stay positive and take this hardship as an opportunity to build our strength.  We are STRONG WOMEN!  I will help others!

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