Monday, January 7, 2013

IUI #2 It's a go!

My follow-up ultrasound showed no ovarian cysts with normal ovarian size so IUI #2 is a go!  The second piece of good news is even though DH will be out of the country when I ovulate this month, they're able to freeze his sample to then thaw and use for the IUI.  It costs a little more, but I'm thankful we didn't have to delay it another month!  It's almost been 2 years of ... one might say, "what's another month?!?"  Well, when you're aboard this bumpy roller-coaster ride called Infertility... another month can sometimes feel like a year.  The 2ww feels like months.  It occupies your mind.  I live and breath infertility.  It defines me.  This is who I am and I have come to accept that.  So let the journey continue to begin... I've just hopped aboard... again!

Today is CD6!  I've already started the clomid.  I'm trying to think positive, fertile thoughts.  I've been doing breathing exercises daily to help me relax.  The supplemental hormones in fertility treatments make keeping a level head SO MUCH more difficult!  I've finally made an appointment to see a counselor who specializes in infertility and am excited to further explore this.  Of course, I've been living coffee and alcohol free.  I don't miss the alcohol much, but I sure do miss the coffee!  I'm making more of an effort to schedule yoga classes into my daily living.  I'll be going to Body Flow tonight... my first class of the New Year.  I'm also making an conscious effort to eat healthy.  The Holiday season was difficult with all of the candy and chocolate, but it's a New Year and I must have a New Diet!  As much as possible, I try to eat a meatless, dairy and gluten free diet.  I break the rules quite a bit, but at least I'm aware of what goes into my mouth!

Please let IUI #2 be the charm!

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  1. Hi I've just been having a look at your blog and reading about your journey. I wondered if you thought that Yoga had helped your fertility any? I really struggle with it and I'm trying to find a fertility yoga practitioner in Brighton (where I live)but no one does it! I'd love to hear an update of your story so I look forward to your next blog post! lots of luck and love Jo x